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This mini-guide is perfect for helping you take mouth-watering photos of food. It’s a quick read, but don’t let its size fool you. Bursting with tips, tricks and techniques this eBook will ensure the snaps you take of the food you cook or eat are as tasty as the meal itself!

But why food?

Food makes a fascinating subject because it appeals to all of our senses and so many emotions. As photographs, the dishes we create and consume become a canvas for stories of tradition, creativity, joy, pride, comfort, nature, flavor.

We reach for our cameras to capture a delicious moment, to preserve a work of perishable art.

This mini-guide will show you how, with just a little bit of planning and preparation, you can recreate professional-looking, mouth-watering food photography in your own home.

Inside this beautifully designed mini-guide you’ll discover topics such as:

  • Helpful food photography gear
  • Food Photography with your phone
  • Leveraging light
  • Finding your food photography style
  • How to use simple props to great effect
  • Composition, Angles and much more...
  • All for just $7!


If you’ve ever looked at other people's pictures of food and thought to yourself, “Why don’t mine look like that?” then this is the guide for you. It breaks down all the important aspects of photographing food.

Then, once you understand the ingredients to great food photography you’ll be guided through developing a food photography style of your own.

The guide doesn’t overcomplicate things with technical jargon – everything is explained in a way that everyone can follow and understand.

Ready to improve the quality of your food photography?


Kelly worked for many years as a magazine photo editor and Paul is a commercial photographer — both have spent many hours planning, styling and shooting food for national publications

Paul O'Hanlon

Paul O'Hanlon has been shooting food and other commercial subjects for 20 years. He's assisted on shoots for Wine Spectator and Wynn Las Vegas, working with celebrity chefs like Daniel Boulud and Charlie Palmer. His work appears regularly in Edible Hudson Valley, and he counts local award-winning craft breweries and other publications among his clients — including a new iPad magazine called Honest Cooking. He teaches classes on digital photography in the Hudson Valley and online, and you can find out more at or on Facebook.

Kelly Kingman

Food and food photography have long been two of Kelly Kingman's many passions. As a photo editor for various magazines and newspapers she produced studio shoots as well as location shoots at world-class restaurants such as the Waldorf-Astoria hotel and WD-50 in New York City. As a writer, Kelly has covered culinary topics for national publications such as Gourmet and as a restaurant critic for a newspaper in New York’s Hudson Valley. Her favorite assignment was spending three days among the students of the Culinary Institute of America for American Way magazine. She also currently consults and writes about content marketing and creativity. Connect with her at or via Twitter (@kellykingman).


  • We all eat – so pretty much everyone who likes taking and sharing photos!
  • But also...

  • Foodies, bloggers and recipe creators who want a beautiful image to support their hard work
  • Café and restaurant owners who want to create amazing menu art
  • Chefs who want to show off their creations in style

If you love taking pictures of food this is a perfect companion.

60 day back guarantee

60-Day, Money-Back Guarantee

If you’re not satisfied that SnapnFood is helping your photography within 60 days, just let us know and we will refund your money.

That’s how confident we are that this resource will help you improve your photos of food.


What gear will I need for this eBook? – You won’t need a heap of fancy equipment to follow this book. There’s even a section on taking food photos with your phone! Most of the photos in this mini-guide were shot in our house just a good camera and a tripod, and not in a photo studio.

Can I read it on my iPad? – yes. This guide is a PDF and can be read on your computer or any other PDF reading device. To read it on your iPad simply download it to your computer and then upload it to iBooks (or any other PDF reading app).

Is there a hard cover version? – Unfortunately not – we only do eBooks at this point in time.

Got Questions or Needing Help? – If you have any problems with the purchase or download simply contact our friendly support staff. Please include the name of the eBook you are asking for support on as well as your PayPal email address if you have made a purchase.

Start taking better photo's of food today

With this mini-guide you'll:

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  • Capture and share the mouth-watering memories of all the great meals you create or eat.

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